As an Adoption Consultant, I meet with couples in their homes and review adoption agencies that are close to them. I also provide contact information for those adoption agencies and what their initial contact with the agency will look like.

Besides answering their questions about adoption, I also suggest some initial questions they should ask when they make first contact with an agency or an attorney. Book and website recommendations are given along with the history of open adoption and the differences between Domestic and International adoption.

I also work with clients from the time they start with an agency or an attorney to the placement of their child. I review the Dear Birth Parent Letter, give advice on contact with a birthmother and emotionally support you up until your baby is home. If you go through an agency you will have a counselor, however some people feel they'd like a second opinion outside of the place from where they are adopting.

Friday, February 3, 2012



Well, you'll never believe this but...I'm a mom!

Last Wednesday (11/16/11) we got a call that a birthmother had picked us and we picked up our baby girl on Friday (11/18/11)!

It was love at first sight and we have been in heaven ever since! It all happened so fast that we are still trying to figure everything out but could not feel more blessed.

Thanks for all of your help getting us started. We had just hired a girl to make a website for us so we will be putting that on hold until we are ready for baby #2! Hopefully we will get to use your services in the future!


"Thank you for all of your help and support and gentleness during this infertility journey. We are moving full steam ahead on adoption. I've started working on our dear birthmother letter, identified a lawyer, signed us up for 2 workshops (at the Cradle and Catholic Social Services) as well as been in contact with Lutheran Social Services. We've researched our adoption benefits at work, started an adoption folder, and begun copying documents. I also read that book you recommended and have requested several others. As you can tell, I like to plan and organize! Of course, I still have some anxiety that a birth mother will not select us, but try not to dwell on that too much.
Thank you again.